What would Kai/Suho/Sehun do when their girlfriend is scared while watching a scary movie? ^.^

My feeeeeeels \^^/ This one’s gonna be a bit cliché, I can feel it, I’m sorry ;p


Kai would just hold you in his arms and chuckle when you got scared. He would make ssssh noises to calm you down. He would love it so much, to have you in his arms and to ‘protect’ you. It would boost his confidence and he would just be happy to have you close to him.


Suho would also hold you in his arms (I hope every male humanbeing would). When you get really scared Suho would tell you a little story in which he rescues you from the thing you’re scared of. He would be the knight in shining armor and you would be his princess. Together you will live happily ever after.


He would be such a tease. He would hold you as well but instead of calming you down he may even scare you more. Suddenly yelling BOO! or tickling you. So make sure you have a pillow by hand to hit this pabo with. After he scared you a couple of times it would turn into a pillowfight and to apologize he’ll let you win.

- M&M ♔

This was so much fun to write ke ke ke

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